Five on Friday: home projects and dreaming of summer

Friday, April 10, 2015


My second week in family medicine has been pretty good. Pretty uneventful, but educational. I missed Monday thanks to a killer cold that knocked me out for 2 days straight so it was a short week. Is it just me or do "short weeks" feel like the slowest weeks?? Still hating the commute, but taking advantage of the alone time and trying to stay positive!

The highlight of my week was eating lunch with Garrett's Nana [now my Nana too!] on Wednesday. She lives about 15 minutes from where my rotation is so I got spoiled with country style steak, corn, peas, homemade rolls, and her specialty… lemon pie from scratch. Y'all, that lady can cook. I literally was in a food coma seeing patients that afternoon.

Slightly better than the spinach salad I take for lunch every day


As I wrote about in a previous post, I have been searching for something to go on the wall above our new bar cart. Well, I saw this piece of wall art last weekend at my favorite store at the beach and knew it would be perfect. And I am thrilled with how it looks and completes this space! 


This girl. I can't even. Being an aunt is the greatest blessing in the whole world!


This was my view last weekend and I am missing it badly! I am dreaming of summer weekends at the beach. By the way, has anyone else read this book? It was great!


I'll be honest, I'm not much into "beauty products" and wasting money on things that don't work. However, a friend recommended this clay mask and I have been really happy with it. Put on a thin layer, watch tv for 20 minutes, then peel it off and your face feels clean and fresh. I got roasted slightly burnt at the beach last weekend and my face had started to peel. I put this mask on, peeled it off, and poof! all the dead skin was gone!

This mask is super flattering….

How was your week?! I am looking forward to a weekend at home to spend time with my husband and furry baby!

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  1. Short weeks sometimes seem to d r a g forever! Glad you kicked the cold! That lunch! I’m surprised you could function at all in the afternoon after that deliciousness! We’re going to see my husband’s grandma this weekend and I’m already dreaming of the meals. Being an aunt is the greatest; totally fills the void until it’s time for kids!

  2. Loving your bar cart - it really has so much perfect stuff on it and I love the new addition above it!! I finished girl on the train a few weeks ago and I loved it!! Hope you have the best weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I just recently tried that mask - I don't think I applied enough bc it didn't peel off very easily lol That beach view looks aaaamazing, love the mug too!

  4. Girl on the Train was an AMAZING book!

    And I think I need to try that mask! Was it easy to peel off?

    And and and - I love corn on the cob - SO MUCH... Now, I want some!

  5. That picture of your niece and your pup is so sweet!! I've heard good things about that mask and I've been wanting to try it so maybe I'll pick it up soon. Have a great weekend!

  6. LOVE your new wall art! It's perfect for that space! That's so much fun being an Aunt! I can't wait to become one in the fall :) Girl on a Train is on my reading list - glad to know it's good!

  7. That new wall art is gorgeous! EJ is seriously so perfect. I love your view and I cant' wait to read Girl on a Train! xo


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