Riding 4 A Reason

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On April 23 my dad will ride his bike from Greenville, NC to Key West, FL. Why in the world would anyone want to ride their bike that far? To raise money for the Boys and Girls Club! These clubs are located all across the US and they provide a safe place for children to hang out after school. It gets them off the streets, promotes healthy lifestyles, and fosters their learning and education.

My dad rode his bike from Canada to Key West last year for this same mission. He also rode 3,000 miles from the North Carolina coast to the California coast for the same reason. He was riding 300 miles a day and was on track to set the world record for fastest cross-country ride until their suburban got hit by another car in the middle of the Arizona desert. Turns out the man was drunk and just slammed into the back of the suburban that was following dad. Dad was right in front of the suburban and if it wouldn't have been there, he probably wouldn't be here today. Dad was so shaken up that he flew home immediately, unable to finish the last 500 miles of the trip but 2 weeks later he flew to the place he stopped and finished the ride. He raised over $100,000 for the underprivileged kids in our area.

Follow along and read more about his journeys here! You will also be able to live track him from this website when he leaves next Friday.

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Read about his last trip here!

Interested in donating? Even $5 can feed a child for a day! donate here

Riding 21 hours a day. He would take 20 minute "power naps" anywhere he could.

He stops at Boys and Girls Clubs along the ride to talk to the kids about healthy lifestyles and setting big goals for themselves!

The suburban after they got rear-ended in the middle of the Arizona desert

I am so proud of my dad's determination and giving heart. He is using his gifts both physically and financially to help those in need. As always, praying for safety and strength for him.

Oh and p.s. I am meeting him in Key West to celebrate but I am traveling there via airplane ;)


  1. Your dad is amazing!! I can't even begin to fathom doing bike rides like that. So neat he raised so much money for the Boys and Girls Club!! So thankful he's ok after that accident - that's so scary!

  2. So amazing! Also, I am so thankful everything was okay after the accident. So scary! xo

  3. Your dad is a rockstar! What an amazing man that you are lucky to call Dad! I'm so glad that everyone was okay after that accident. Can't wait to follow along! Xo, Stephanie


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