Checking on our embryo babies!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Yesterday was an exciting day! We made the all too familiar drive to UNC Fertility to check on our frozen babies! There were so many emotions as we walked into the building. Thankfully for us it is a place of some really hard memories but also some super happy ones as well. I know a lot of people are flooded with heartbreak when they walk into their fertility clinic and don't get me wrong, those memories will never be forgotten, but this is also a very special and happy place for us. It seems like just yesterday we walked into the clinic for my egg retrieval then our embryo transfer day and our very first ultrasound at 5w5d when we saw her precious heart beating away.

No, I'm not pregnant.

Ideally, God willing, we would love to be pregnant by the end of the year though so we wanted to get the ball rolling. IVF is a complicated process and will take about 3 months of "prep" before our next embryo transfer. Did you know you have to take oral birth control pills to prepare for an embryo transfer? Seems kind of ironic. Then I will have to take estrogen then progesterone injections. So! We met with our amazing doctor [I swear I think he hung the moon] and we have a game plan. To be continued...

Even when you're on the "other side" of infertility, it never ends. There are so many huge decisions that you have to make. What will you do with the embryos if one of you dies? If you get divorced? Once you are done having kids, will you donate the extra embryos to science? To another couple? Discard them? Things that you don't want to think about but that are super important. 

We both had to get blood drawn to test for a few different things including zika virus since we traveled out of the country recently. You would have thought the world was ending. Garrett works in the medical field but he cannot stand having his own blood drawn. After his blood draw he goes, "so who is going to drive us home now?" Men...

Also, I absolutely am getting these onesies for our next baby. IVF jokes get me!


  1. I love this! I had no clue there was stuff you had to worry about after IVF is complete! I hope your journey for baby #2 goes very smoothly :)

  2. I couldn't stop laughing at your insta story with the incision. And the first thing I thought of was like doesn't he work in the medical field? haha. Thanks for the laughs. Sending good vibes your way on your journey to Baby #2.

  3. These are my favorite posts(can I even say that in such a sensitive topic?) because we are in the throes and you totally get what we are going through. Here’s to praying for number to by the end of this year!!

  4. The fertility process is so fascinating and such a miracle! We wouldn't have our Alice without fertility help, and I wouldn't be surprised if I would need to do IVF instead of an IUI for our next baby, so I may need to seek your wisdom.

  5. omg i loved the incision IG story! hahahahaha!! good thing women do the whole pregnancy deal, right!

  6. I definitely had to LOL at the Frozen onsie. That's adorable. One of my friends has been going through fertility treatments for SIX YEARS (IVF is too expensive :( ) and they just told her yesterday that they might have missed endometriosis so she's having surgery at the end of May for that. It's amazing how complicated these things can be - and... I had never even though of the issues you raised around the embryos. That's a lot to think about!

  7. lol garrett. men! i love how you explain all the other things people don't always talk about when it comes to IVF. important to think about all that stuff. and even when you posted the bill for keeping the embryos i was like - i never thought of that. but seems obvious! anyway love the onesies - looks like y'all have some good plans :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. We recently moved back to the east coast after being in Las Vegas for some years. I did IVF out there and now seeking a center on this side. Our 2 embabies are left out there but we are considering another cycle in the coming years. Ran across your blog and now considering UNC Fertility. Excited to tag along with you guys!


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