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Friday, February 13, 2015

I am halfway done with my OBGYN rotation and I have LOVED it. I mean really, treating adorable pregnant women then getting to see the sweet babes that are born… what could be better?! It is giving my baby fever like craaaazy. Note to self: YOU MUST WAIT.

We are heading to the beach house this weekend with my family for a relaxing Valentines day. We will take my niece to the aquarium [her favorite place ever!] and let our doggy swim and run wild on the beach. The beach is my happy place so it will be nice to relax for the weekend!

Our bathroom has a big jacuzzi bathtub and ever since we moved in a little over a year ago, it has not once been used. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that. You see, I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a bath. I have always been a shower girl. However, I always see these amazing, romantic pictures of people with their candles and magazines and bubbles in their bathtub. So the other night I decided I would give it a try. Turned the water on, lit candles, got my bubbles, sat in the bath for about 2 minutes and was miserable. I was hot as crap but my shoulders and head were freezing cold. So I did what any shower lover would do, pulled the plug and hopped into my shower. Ugh, it was so unromantic and quite hilarious. I guess it will be a year before I give it another try. #teamshower

Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure you've seen the news of the 3 Muslim students murdered in Chapel Hill. This hits so close to home. This is my college town and a piece of my heart will always be there. The hate and cruelty in this world scares me and makes me so sad. If it's this bad now, how much worse could it possibly get for my future children? This world needs more Jesus and love.

We are planning a graduation/2nd anniversary trip this December. Have any recommendations of all-inclusive resorts?! I want warm, white beaches with clear oceans!

And I will leave you with my 2 favorite pictures of the week: our sweet pup goes straight to the fireplace in the morning while we are getting ready for work and gets so close I am actually scared her whiskers are going to burn off. Aaaand my niece is literally the most adorable child I have ever seen. Ever.


  1. Glad you're loving your new rotation! My SIL is a Midwife and LOVES it! We went to the Majestic Elegance resort in Punta Cana for our honeymoon (heard about it from Christina at Carolina Charm) and loved it. The only thing we weren't dying over was the food but I think it's mainly because it's in the Dominican Republic and not America.. Although it seems like anything Sandals is a win.

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will definitely look into it!! We weren't crazy about the food on our honeymoon either :( The DR is definitely one of our top 3 locations though!!

  2. Okay, I feel out of the loop, I'm new to your blog! Lol. Why are you doing an OBGYN rotation? Loving on sweet babies is my specialty! :) See I'm the exact opposite. I love taking baths! To me, they are very relaxing. I'm jealous that you're going to the beach! We've got a snow storm coming to SC!

    1. I am in PA school!! So I have 12 months of rotations before I graduate in December! Thanks for reading and hope you had a great weekend :)

  3. Love this! I'm glad you get some relaxing time in! Hope you are staying warm. This weather has been absolutely nuts. That picture of B near the fire... hysterical! xoxo


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