Happy place

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This is my happy place
The place where everything else fades into the background
and I can simply enjoy God's creation

For some reason I am instantly relaxed when I arrive at the beach
You would think that I would be used to it by now since we come almost every weekend in the summer
but thankfully I am not used to it
I still get that giddy feeling when I cross the bridge, signaling the arrival to my oasis

I cannot wait to bring my future kids here and watch them make memories
because the memories I made here growing up are the best of my life
goodness I love this place

where is your happy place?


  1. I'm with you! The beach is my happy place. My folks head to Ocracoke Island every summer for a week and always talk about buying a place there. My dream is that one day, DG and I came go in on half with them for a place for our pups and maybe a kid one day! :) xo

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, I am counting the minutes until we are the beach next weekend! Bring on the salt air and crashing waves! Xo, Stephanie


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