Baby Essentials: Months 3-6

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We have officially kept our little human alive for almost 6 months! There are some products that we absolutely couldn't have lived without. I always loved seeing people's favorite products for babies so I have rounded up a list of the things that we loved for months 3-6.


Solly wrap. We have used this since she was a newborn and she still loves it. I throw her in it when I need my hands to be free and it keeps her happy and lets me get things done around the house.

Stroller fan. We go on walks every single day and this fan keeps her cool in this awful NC heat and humidity. I love that you can charge the battery too.

Exersaucer. We bought this exact exersaucer and play mat in perfect condition at a consignment store for $25! Best find ever. The toy bar lights up and plays music and you can take it off and attach it to the floor mat too. She loves both the play mat and the exersaucer.

Baby Merlin's magic sleep suit. This suit stops their startle reflex, which is commonly why they wake themselves up. As ridiculous as this thing looks, she absolutely loves it. We call her our sumo wrestler or marshmallow. We put her to bed without it one night just to see if she was ready to transition out of it and she woke up a million times. Back into the puffy suit she went!

Bumbo. We sit her in this to eat her solids every night and she also loves to sit in it and play with toys that we put on the tray that attaches. It is perfect for when they start holding their head up and is a good item to have before they transition into a high chair.

Little Unicorn bibs. Because teething. And allllll the drool!

Baby Einstein take-along tunes. She LOVES anything that lights up or plays music and this does both.

Suction spinwheel toy. Her absolute favorite toy. We put it on her bumbo tray and even take it to restaurants and put it on the table in front of her. She loves the colors and loves to try to spin it herself.

Sophie the giraffe. She loves her Sophie and chews on it nonstop! The perfect teether because she can hold the neck and it is soft on her gums.

Jumper. I also found this exact jumper at a consignment store for $20! She is just now starting to really jump in this thing and she loves it. Working on those leg muscles!

Kick & Play Piano. We have this on the inside of her crib and she loves kicking and listening to the music. We can throw her in the crib and turn this on and it will keep her entertained for a while.

Jumper that hangs in doorway. She likes to sit in this and spin around. We put it in the doorway in our foyer and she can look out the front door, which she loves!


Mamas, what other products did you love around months 3-6? You can check out our favorite items for months 0-3 here!


  1. we had almost every single one of these things and my boys loved them, too! I can't believe she is 6 months old, where has the time gone? Babies really don't keep..wahh!

  2. Our boys loved so many of these things, especially the door jumper (Walker) and Sophie the Giraffe (Knox). That stroller fan saved our life last and this summer for Knox! Also, how is she already 6 months old?! My gosh, time is just going so quickly!

  3. The Solly wrap is such a lifesaver for being hands free! Thanks to your rec we have the same fan and love it!

  4. You've got such a happy baby on your hands :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Great post! Totally saving this one! That sumo suit is a riot but it seems so good!

  6. The Baby Einstein take along tunes was a favorite with both of my girls! I needed to get a new one for my second daughter because the original one was so "loved." :) Great picks!

  7. she seems so happy with all of her favs!!! and i know people rave about that merlin suit... i've never had one, but they are hilarious looking!!

  8. Posts like these make searching for baby stuff so much easier - I need to get a solly wrap, I'd been holding off because I was nervous I'd be bad at tying it - is it hard to put on?!


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