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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I've had lots of questions about our stroller and my thoughts on it so I thought I'd do a quick review for all the new moms, soon-to-be moms, and future moms out there! Choosing a stroller was one of the hardest decisions in the entire baby prep phase. There are so many options that it was very overwhelming. We ended up going with the Uppababy Vista stroller and Mesa infant carseat and here's why:

The first thing I did when deciding on a stroller was ask my new mom friends which stroller they had and if they were happy with it. A positive review from people you know is more reliable than any online review if you ask me! I got an overwhelming response about the Uppababy Vista stroller. The next step was going to Buy Buy Baby and getting my hands on the strollers. There is no other way to determine what you will love... you absolutely must try them out!

One thing that was a non-negotiable for me was having the same brand stroller and infant carseat so that you don't have to deal with adapters and all that extra "stuff". My sister had a different brand carseat and stroller with her babies and watching her have to put the adapters on and struggle with that hassle every time she left the house stressed me out! Uppababy has sleek, light-weight infant carseats that clip directly into the stroller, making it SO easy.

We are on the go a lot and spend a lot of time outside so another non-negotiable was that the stroller must be lightweight and super easy to push. When I pushed this stroller around in the store I fell in love! It turns corners so smoothly and the wheels don't get twisted up and stuck. So next I weighed my pros and cons.

-Can convert to hold two children. If you think you want more than one, might as well get a stroller that can hold two so you aren't buying another stroller in a few years!
-Comes with bassinet and toddler seat
-No adapters needed with the carseat
-Super easy to fold and unfold
-Pushes and turns corners so smoothly

Cons of Uppababy Vista stroller:
-It's pretty expensive but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for
-The back wheels are kind of wide so it can be a tight squeeze through doorways

I have been SO happy with my stroller decision and would 100% buy this stroller again. This post is not sponsored, just wanted to share a product I truly love. We used the heck out of the bassinet when Vivi was a newborn and switched her to the toddler seat, which can face forward or backward, about a month ago. Any other Uppababy moms out there?!


  1. Love my uppababy!! I didn't have the infant carseat because I only got the stroller when I was about to have graham. I love the double seat option that you can do and all the configurations. I will admit that it took me several you tube watchings when I was going to fold it up to figure it out haha. Probably because I'm a stroller whore and have several others that all fold different!

  2. So smart to get one that will convert into a double in the future! Ours won't - I don't know why I just didn't do that lol - but I'll probably get a new one next time, our baby jogger has gotten so much use and SO beat up!

  3. We have the Uppababy Vista and Mesa too and LOVE it! We bought the 2nd seat as well so we'd have it if we ever needed it in the future. It's worth the money for sure!

  4. We've only used ours a few times so far and already love it! It seriously glides when you push it!

  5. i LOVE stroller reviews! it is seriously so overwhelming. we've had like, 4. and we don't even use them THAT much. haha. but i love this and i have heard great things about this one!!!!

  6. Thank you SO much for this!! Our first is already four years old, so whenever we have baby #2 it will be like doing everything for the first time again 🙈 Love the bassinet option 👌🏻


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