Mother's Day Weekend 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I was so sad to see this weekend come to an end. It was such a great one! When you go through infertility, you dream of "ordinary" things like Mother's Day, muffins with mom, spending Saturdays playing in the yard, etc. 

Friday started off with errands and playing in the driveway with my girl. Am I the only one that has to bribe my child with free cookies at the grocery store to keep her in the cart?? No shame here.

Friday night we had friends over for dinner. They have a 6 month old baby girl and it was so sweet to see Vivi try to hand her toys, she was so interested in her! I look forward to watching these girls grow up together!

Saturday morning we were up early for a breakfast date full of lots of blueberry pancakes and coffee then we went to my niece's t-ball game. It was hilarious. You would have thought it was a football game because they all fight over the ball and jump on top of each other trying to get it. Not to mention none of them know how to run to 1st base after hitting the ball off the tee. Pure entertainment.

About two weeks ago Garrett and I had a full conversation about not giving gifts this Mother's Day/Father's Day. So you can imagine how surprised I was when we got home and opened the garage to find brand new bikes waiting for me! I was so confused at first but then realized they were a Mother's Day present. I was beyond thrilled! I have wanted bikes for so long. We have already been on multiple rides and Vivi just loves it! Such a thoughtful gift that I know we will enjoy for years to come. Way to go hubby!

Saturday night we drove 45 minutes to one of our favorite restaurants On The Square to celebrate my little sister's college graduation. We stopped at a brewery before dinner and it was the best night. Vivi did great with her babysitter which made my mama heart happy and let me enjoy a night out.

Sunday morning Vivi started Mother's Day off by sleeping until 7am... a huge treat! We enjoy breakfast and coffee on our back porch then headed to church.

She made it the entire time in the church nursery... dare I say we are turning a corner?! After church we went to lunch then headed home for nap time. During nap time we worked out and did some projects around the house.

Sunday night we went to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day with her. Vivi and her cousins had the best time playing in the backyard while the adults hung out on the porch. We had burgers on the grill for dinner. It was the very best day!

To all the women who were hurting on Mother's Day, hang in there. I have been in your shoes and I know the gut wrenching feeling of yearning to be a mom. I am praying for you!


  1. Such a sweet Mothers Day weekend! I love all of Vivi's adorable clothes!

  2. What a wonderful, special Mother's Day weekend! I can't get over that picture with Vivi's little belly; adorable!

  3. Aww it sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Love that Garrett got you guys the bikes--so so sweet!! Yay for Vivi sleeping in and making it through at church!!

  4. What a perfect weekend! Vivian is so precious and HOORAY for her sleeping in until 7!

  5. A perfect weekend!! So glad you had a great Mother’s Day. You deserve it!

  6. what a lovely weekend and mothers day! i cant get enough of the snaps of vivi so keep them coming. her little smile is contagious!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!


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