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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sweet Christina over at The New Mrs. tagged me in the "Ten things I love, ten things I hate" post. So here goes!

1. Maxi dresses
2. Prosecco
3. A fresh mani
4. Puppy snuggles
5. A clean house
6. Christmas [my favorite holiday, hands down]
7. Cheese, any and all kinds
8. Being at home, suuuch a home body
9. Naps
10. Good Morning America… even though I hardly ever get to watch it now except for on weekends

1. Wearing contacts
2. Raw tomatoes
3. Spiders
4. Car rides
5. Shorts… they don't fit me right, ever
6. Being late
7. Slow walkers
8. Taking a bath [shower lover right here]
9. Sitcoms with fake laughing… my husband may say this is my worst quality. He is obsessed with King of Queens, Seinfeld, etc. Me, notsomuch.
10. Whiskey

Do we have anything in common?!


  1. I love so many of your loves (prosecco, CHEESE, manis, puppy snuggles....) and your hates--especially slow walkers!!!!
    It's fun getting to know little tid-bits about you!

  2. I LOVED so many of your loves too! (maxi dresses, manis, cheese, Christmas and a clean house! :) and I literally do not own a pair of jean shorts. They cut off my thighs! lol Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I'm so with you on manis - there is just something about having your nails done that just rejuvenates you!! Slow walkers kill me - especially in the city! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. A clean house is the best and I'm so with you on the slow walkers. Drives me crazy!!

  5. Yes to all of your loves! I'm with you on slow walkers. There is nothing to get my anxiety up other than that. It's why I'd rather online shop than head to the mall! xo

  6. This is so fun! I'm SO with you on love for 8 & 9! Number 7 on the hate side is so funny and yet so true!! I probably look like a total loser trying to squeeze past the slow walkers!

  7. I'm all with you on the loves!! Maxi's are just the best, always!! Slow walkers have to be one of my all time hates, especially when they know you are behind them and they don't offer to step aside and let you pass! lol <3

  8. I can honestly say a strong yes to all of your loves haha especially Christmas, puppy snuggles and being a homebody. Oh and cheese - cheese at the very top of the list! I'm glad to find someone else to hate shorts - totally agree, they never fit right!

  9. Oh my gosh… #9 on hates. I DESPISE sitcoms with laugh tracks. If it's funny… I will laugh on my own!

  10. Raw tomatoes really are THE WORST... but a clean house (and specifically clean sheets) are so my favorite thing to come home to!!

  11. I love GMA too. Last month I was on a work trip and shared a room with a coworker who preferred the Today Show. We watched it for a few mornings and by the next week I was really ready for my GMA again! :)


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