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Friday, July 17, 2015

[O N E]
I am officially done with my pediatrics rotation! Definitely bittersweet. I loved the office staff, working with my former pediatrician, and all the sweet kids, but it just means I am one step closer to graduation! The main thing I learned is that strep bacteria can cause any symptoms. Patient presents with a rash? Could be strep. Ear pain? Probably strep. We did sooo many strep swabs and diagnosed SO much strep pharyngitis, it's a miracle I didn't get it [knock on wood].

[T W O]
Loving my new work pants from Loft. My new go-to store for work clothes because they have the best.sales.ever. and such cute and comfy clothes!

[T H R E E]

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone 6! I know, I am like 2 years late on the iPhone 6 trend. My iPhone 4s had basically been worn slam out so I was SUPER exited when I got this in the mail this week! The camera quality is 500x better than my old phone. And how adorable is my new Tory Burch case? Love it!

[ F O U R]

We celebrated my Pop Pop's 90th birthday on Tuesday night. He is the most handsome, generous, loving man I know. He has recently started struggling with mild dementia, which has been so hard on the family. He is starting to forget his family, but he still has his hilarious sense of humor and loving personality. His favorite hobbies are riding his bike [which he does every. single. day.] and giving away his money to those in need. He was raised in a very poor family and worked hard his entire life and now is able to donate his money to those less fortunate. Gosh, I love him. 

[F I VE]
I had some inquiries about my necklace from Monday's post. It is an "Akola" necklace, which means "to work" in Ugandan dialect. All the necklaces are made by the women in Uganda and the money goes towards helping the women and children living in extreme poverty. I love the necklaces but love the story even more!

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  1. And here I thought my husband was the only one left with a 4, lol!!! I loved hearing about your Pop Pop - what a special man!! My great grandmother lived to be 97 and I was always amazed when I stopped to think about all she had seen.

  2. I love LOFT- especially when they have their sales!! Great find! Woohoo for the new iPhone, you'll love the difference in picture quality! I made the jump from the 4 to the 6 too & couldn't believe the difference in my pictures/ videos! Have an awesome weekend!!

  3. I just recently upgraded to an iphone 6 plus and man is it a huge difference lol!!
    I am looking up the necklace {and story} right now, I love being able to purchase items that have an amazing story behind them, thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a great weekend :)

  4. Happy birthday to your pop pop! I love that the necklace proceeds go to help those in need.

  5. LOVE your new phone case! Enjoy your new phone! Happy Birthday to your pop pop - he looks amazing for being 90!

  6. love love those work pants!! so pretty!! and aww what a fun thing to celebrate! pop pop's big 90!! that's amazing. :)

  7. Love the design of those Loft pants! Your Pop Pop looks like the sweetest man! Xo, Stephanie

  8. I loved upgrading my phone! The Akola necklace is seriousy so gorgeous! Loved the color on yours! And those pants are awesome. I may need to pick myself up a pair for work this year! xo

  9. Happy belated birthday to your pop pop - so sweet and I'm loving your new pants and new iphone case - both adorable! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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